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                周記大全 時間:2019-12-13 我要投稿
                【www.ruiwen.com - 周記大全】



                  Mostly, I went to school to have lessons this week. It was hard but we must experience, wasn’t it? But on Saturday I finished my first learning. And the second learning will begin on Aug 1st. I can have a break and do what I want to do. On Saturday I went shopping. Indeed I didn’t buy many things. I just wanted to relax. And then I played on the computer, sang , watched TV, etc. I just wanted to amuse myself.

                  I went to swim on Sunday, although I didn’t swim very well. I felt cool during this hot time. I also played with my mother. She couldn’t swim so I taught her. I sometimes played a trick on her. I had a good time there.




                  This Sundayther had takelittle young brother to the a trip to the country. She badetake good care of hi

                  While we were walking along the road, the sun was shining brightly and the breeze was blowing gently. We saw the beautiful flowers sle at us and heard the birds sing their sweet songs on the trees. The scenery was indeed very pretty.

                  When we felt tired, we returned ho. We saw Mother wait for us at the door.





                  I went to the Forest Park with my old friend this Thursday. Although it was hot, we had a wonderful time there. We played a lot, such as corsair, bumper cars, Arabian Flying Blanket and so on. We felt excited indeed. That day was also my friend’s birthday. I bought a comic strip for her because she likes cartoon very much. She also invited me to her new flat to play. At last she gave me a heart made of crystal. She really moved me.

                  On Sunday afternoon our translating group had finally finished all chapters! I was really excited. Although our translation was not very fluent and nice, even a little abrupt, it was our outcome. It was our effort. When I saw my name on the heroic translator list, I was really proud of myself.

                  這個星期四我和我的』老朋友去了森林公園。雖然天氣這很熱,但我們在那裏過得很愉快。我們玩了很多,比如海盜≡船,碰碰車,阿拉⌒伯飛毯等等。我們確實感到興奮。那天也是我朋友的生日。我給她買了一條連環漫是一群不知道什麽來歷畫,因為她非常喜歡卡㊣ 通片。她還邀請我到⊙她的新公寓去玩。最後她給了我一顆水晶心。她真的打動★了我。

                  星@期日下午,我們的翻譯小組終於完成了所有的章節!我真的很興奮。雖然我們的翻〓譯不是很流利,很好,甚@ 至有點唐突,但這是我你們隨便追殺去們的結果。這是我☉們的努力。當我在英雄翻◆譯名單上看到我的名字時,我真我還有事情要辦的為自己感到驕傲。