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                試題 時間:2018-05-13 我要投稿
                【www.ruiwen.com - 試題】



                  一、 Listen and choose.

                  聽錄音, 選出與錄音最相符合的一項,並將其♂字母編號填在題前的括號裏(每小題1分,共5分)

                  (     ) 1.  A. You     B. Your    C. young

                  (     ) 2.  A. 33cm    B. 13kg    C. 30kg

                  (     ) 3.  A. visited    B. visits      C. visit

                  (     ) 4.  A. foot       B. fruit        C. food

                  (     ) 5.  A. walked    B. worked      C. works

                  二、Listen and judge(5分)

                  聽錄音, 判斷句子或圖片是否與錄音內容相符, 相符的在相應題號下的括號內打“√” , 不相符的◣打“×”(共10分)

                  1(   )              2(   )              3(   )

                  4(   )                    5(    )


                  (   ) 1. Amy is 15 years old.

                  (   ) 2. The cinema is west of the library.

                  (   ) 3. My mother is 50kg.

                  (   ) 4. The door is in front of the trash bin.

                  (   ) 5. I am going to Beijing by plane.

                  四.Listen and choose 聽錄音,選◤出你所聽到的句子(5分)

                  (  )1.A.Is your mother washing dishes ?

                  B.Is your mother washing television?

                  C. Is your mother washing shoes ?

                  (     ) 2 .A.The block’shadow is long .

                  B.The block’shadow isn’t long.

                  C. The block’shadow is short .

                  (     )3. A.Do’t eat choclate here ,Danny .

                  B. Do’t eat sweet here ,Danny .

                  C. Do’t eat biscuits here ,Danny .

                  (     )4. A The colud were grey .Now they are white .

                  B.The shy was grey .Now it is white.

                  C. The coluds were white. Now they are grey.

                  (    )5. A.The monkey lives in the jungle.

                  B. The monkeys live in the jungle.

                  C. The monkey is playing in the jungle.

                  五、Listen and answer (5分)      



                  (     ) 1. A. He went to Beijing .    B. He went swimming .

                  (     ) 2. A. Yes, he was.   B. Yes, she is.   C. No, she wasn’t

                  (     ) 3. A. I made a snowman.     B. I can clean my room.

                  C.I am washing my clothes .

                  (     ) 4. A. No, it isn’t.   B. Yes, it’s near.      C. Yes, there is.

                  (     ) 5. A.I wear size 38 . B. They are 87 cm long.   C.They are big.

                  六、Listen and fill the blanks (聽音,補全句子)5分

                  1.My pencil is_________than yours.

                  2.—I have a ____________. I am sorry to hear that .

                  3.Sarah looks__________today. Because she failed the science test.

                  4.I __________baseball last weekend .

                  5.John ate________ _________ in Hong Kong .

                  七.根據你所聽到的內容填入所缺的單詞,使意思合@ 理、完整,每空只填①一詞。(5分)

                  1. Li Ming was an _____________ years ago.

                  2. I bought a ____________ last night.

                  3. She usually ____________ a kite on the weekend.

                  4. Did they _____________ last Sunday?

                  5.There are two ______________ over the river.

                  八、Listen and judge


                  (    ) 1.  Jack is an American.

                  (    ) 2.  Jack is going to Shenzhen this summer hoilday.

                  (    ) 3.  Jack is going to Harbin and row a boat there.

                  (    ) 4.  It’s snowy in Harbin now.

                  (    ) 5.  Jack and his are going to fly to Harbin this summer holiday.



                  (   )1. A. hand    B. gave      C. map        D. plan

                  (   )2. A. went    B. bed       C. me         D. get

                  (   )3. A. heavy   B. sleep      C. weekend     D. meet

                  (   )4. A. car     B. father     C. warm        D. hard

                  (   )5. A. start    B. car        C. father       D. swam


                  1.two(同義詞)___________   2.small(反義詞)___________            3.box(復數形式)  __________           4.sheep(




                  1.頭痛 _______  ______ ___________  2.打掃房間_______ ___

                  3.去遊泳 _________ ___________       4洗衣服___  ___    5.起床 _________  _________



                  (   ) 1. Your pen is newer than _____________.

                  A. mine            B. me            C. her

                  (   ) 2.How _______ she go to school in the morning ?

                  A. is               B. does           C. do

                  (   ) 3.That is _______ American national flag. There ______ fifty stars on it.

                  A. a , is           B. an , are        C. an , is

                  (   ) 4. Listen! Xiaoling ________ in her classroom.

                  A. sings            B. singing         C. is singing

                  (   ) 5. Yesterday my parents and I ________ our house.

                  A. are cleaning     B. cleaned          C. are going to clean

                  五.句型匹配 (5分)

                  I                                                     II

                  ( )1、What’s your favourite holiday?     A. They’re in Jim’s  desk.

                  ( )2、When’s your birthday?             B. She  planted  some trees.

                  ( )3、What did she do on the farm?       C. It’s the 21st of January

                  ( )4、What date is  it  today?              D. Halloween.

                  (  )5、Where are your gloves?         E. It’s on the 21st of January.

                  六.補全對話, 選擇正確↓答案的編號在橫線上(共5分,每小題1分)

                  Amy:     Hi, Chen Jie!1__________________________?

                  Chen Jie:  It’s Friday.

                  Amy:   Oh, let’s go to the zoo this weekend.

                  Chen Jie:  I’m sorry. I’m going to visit my aunt this weekend.

                  Amy:    2_____________________________________?

                  Chen Jie:  No, I didn’t. I went to the nature park last weekend. I took many pictures there.

                  Amy:     Oh, really? 3_____________________________?

                  Chen Jie:  Yes, of course. Here you are.

                  Amy:     Wow! Beautiful. But 4_____________________________?

                  Chen Jie:  Let’s go there next weekend, OK?

                  Amy:     OK . 5_____________________________________?

                  Chen Jie:  What about riding a bike?

                  Amy:     OK.

                  A: What’s the date today?

                  B: Are you going to visit your aunt?

                  C: Did you visit your aunt last weekend?

                  D: How are we going to the zoo?

                  E: Can I have a look ?

                  F: What day is it today.

                  G: When are we going to the zoo?.

                  七.Put the words in right order(連詞成句,5分)

                  1.go, usually, school, I, to, foot, on, (.)


                  2.to ,are, going, weekend, the ,you, what, do ,on ,(?)


                  3.look ,so, you ,excited, (.)

                  4.birthday, June, her ,in, is, (?)

                  5.writing ,grandma, the, study ,is ,a ,in, letter,(.)


                  八. 根據圖片所給的提示,認真閱緩緩地朝銀角電鯊飄了過去讀答句,寫出相應的問句,使對『話合理、通順。(5分)

                  1. A:_____________________________________________?

                  B: He is excited.

                  2. A:____________________________________________?

                  B: No, Amy often goes hiking on the weekends.

                  3. A:_____________________________________________?

                  B: Tom is going to climb mountains tomorrow.

                  4. A:______________________________________________?

                  B: She is an accountant.

                  5. A:____________________________________________?

                  B: Li Hua is reading books.


                  Zhang Ming is a student. He usually goes to school on foot. This morning he went to school by bus because he

                  got up late. Li Dong is Zhang Ming’s classmate and he didn’t go to school. He went swimming yesterday and had

                  a cold. The doctor asked him to take some medicine and stay in bed.  So he has to stay at home for a few days.

                  After school, Zhang Ming and his classmates are going to buy some flowers and visit him  .

                  根據短文,判斷正誤,對的寫“T”, 錯的寫“F”

                  (    )1. Zhang Ming goes to school on foot every day.

                  (    )2. Li Dong had a cold because he went swimming last weekend.

                  (    )3. Zhang Ming didn’t go to school because he had a cold .

                  (    )4. Li Dong’s classmates are going to buy presents for him .

                  (    )5. Li Dong is in the hospital now.

                  十.根據短文選出正確的答⌒ 案(5分)

                  Mrs Harris lives in a small village. She has one son. He is 21 and his name is Geoff. He worked in the shop in

                  the village and lived with his mother, but then he had new work in a town and went and lived there. It was very

                  far from his mother's village, and she was not happy about this, but Geoff said, "There isn't good work for me

                  in the country, Mother, and I can get a lot of money in the town and send you some every week." Mrs Harris was

                  very angry last Sunday. She got on a train and went to her son's house . Then she said to him, "Geoff, why do

                  you never make a telephone to me?" Geoff laughed and said. "But, Mother, you don’t have a telephone." she

                  answered, "I don’t have, but YOU have one!"

                  (    ) 1. Where does Mrs Harris live?  A. In the town B. In the country

                  (    ) 2. Where did her son work ?

                  A. In the town           B. First in the village, then in the town

                  (    ) 3. How did Mrs Harris feel when her son went to the town?

                  A. Happy               B. Unhappy

                  (    ) 4.Why was Mrs Harris angry?

                  A. Because she didn’t have a telephone. B. Because Geoff didn’t make a telephone to her

                  (    ) 5. Who has a telephone?   A. Mrs Harris          B. Geoff


                  ( have, on , with, took, visited, and go, dancing, having, take, went, danced )

                  It’s sunny today. I am ______ a picnic in the park with my friend. Look! Chen Jie is catching butterflies. Tom

                  and Sarah are singing and ______ under a big tree. Last week we _______ to Dongguan city. We _______ Center

                  Square, climbed Huangqi mountain and________ many pictures. Summer holiday is coming. We don’t _______ to

                  school. I am going to _______ a trip ______ my parents. We are going to Shanghai . We are going there by plane

                  ____ July 12th. We will ________ a good time there.


                  圖上有幾個人?她們是誰?上個星期天■天氣如何?她們在哪裏幹了什麽?她們心情如▼何? 不少於五句話。(5分)


                  一、 Listen and choose(根據◥錄音內容, 將下面每組但眼中中你認為符合錄音內容的選項選掉嗎(第二更)│''m求首訂出來,並將其字母編號填在題前的括號裏)(5分)

                  ( B ) 1. What’s your hobby? I like swimming.

                  ( B ) 2. I am 13 kg heavier than my little sister.

                  ( A ) 3. We visited the Great Wall last summer.

                  ( B ) 4. W.hat’s your favourite fruit? Apples.

                  ( A ) 5. Tom walked to school today.

                  二、Listen and judge( 根據錄音ㄨ內容, 判斷下面各張圖片的畫面是否與錄音內容相符, 裏打 √ , 不相卐符的打 ×) (5分)

                  (  √ ) 1. John often does housework at home. He is a helpful boy.

                  (  √ ) 2. What’s the matter with the boy? He has a fever. He might have the flu.

                  (  √ ) 3. Where are you goin this summer hoilday? We are ging to Beijing.

                  (  ×  ) 4. What does your father do ? He’s a TV reporter.

                  (  √ ) 5. What day is it today? It’s Tuesday. Children’s Day.


                  1. Amy is 50 years old.

                  2. The cinema is west of the library.

                  3. My mother is 60kg.

                  4. The door is in front of the trash bin.

                  5. I am going to Beijing by bike.

                  四.1. Is your mother washing dishes ?

                  2. The block’shadow is short .

                  3. Do’t eat sweet here ,Danny .

                  4. The coluds were white. Now they are grey.

                  5. The monkey lives in the jungle.

                  五、Listen and answer( 根據你在錄音中的問題,將下面一拳轟去每組答句中最合適的答案選出來,並將其前面的字母符號填在句∩子前面的括號裏)(5分)

                  ( C ) 1. How did Mike go swimming last Sunday?

                  ( C ) 2. Was Amy 11 years old last year?

                  ( C ) 3. What are you doing here, Mary?

                  ( A ) 4. Is your school far from here?

                  ( A) 5. How big are your feet?

                  六.Listen and fill the blanks (聽音,補全句子)5分

                  1.My pencil is___longer______than yours.

                  2.—I have a ________cold____. I am sorry to hear that .

                  3.Sarah looks____sad______today. Because she failed the science test.

                  4.I ___played_______baseball last weekend .

                  5.John ate___good_____ ____food_____ in Hong Kong .


                  1.Li Ming was an ____artist_________ years ago.

                  2.I bought a _____present_______ last night.

                  3.She usually _____flies_______ a kite on the weekend.

                  4.Did they ______go_______ last Sunday?

                  5.There are two _______bridges_______ over the river.

                  八、Listen and judge(根據你在錄音中聽到的內容判斷句子的對錯)(5 分)

                  Hi, I’m Jack. I am from the USA. But now I’m studying in China. Last summer holiday I went to Shenzhen. It’s

                  near Dongguan. I’m going to Dongguan with my sister this summer holiday. First I will fly to Guangzhou. Then I

                  will take bus to go there. I am going to visit Songshan Lake and row a boat there. This winter holiday I’m

                  going to Harbin with my parents by plane. It’s snowy in Harbin in winter. So I’m going skiing there. We are

                  going to have a nice trip

                  ( √  ) 1.  Jack is an American.

                  (  ×  ) 2.  Jack is going to Shenzhen this summer hoilday.

                  (  ×  ) 3.  Jack is going to Harbin and row a boat there.

                  (  ×  ) 4.  It’s snowy in Harbin now.

                  (  ×  ) 5.  Jack and his parents are going to fly to Harbin this summer holiday.


                  一.  BCACD             二.   1.too2. big 3. boxes 4.sheep 5.old

                  三.1.have a headache   2.clean the room   3.go swimming      4.wash the  clothes   5 .get up

                  四.  A B B C B                    五。D E B C A

                  六:1、F  2、C  3、E   4、G  5、D

                  七.1. I usually go to school on foot .

                  2. What are you going to do on weekend ?

                  3. You looks so excited. .

                  4. Is her birthday in June ?

                  5. Grandma is writing a letter in the study .

                  八.1.How does he feel ?

                  2.Does she watch TV on the weekend ?

                  3.What is he going to do tomorrow ?

                  4,What does she do ?

                  5.What is he doing ?

                  九.( 1 ) 1、F  2、F  3、F  4、T  5、F

                  十.( 1 ) 1、B  2、B  3、B  4、B  5、B

                  十一.1.having  2.dancing  3. went  4.visited  5.took  6.go  7. take   8.with     9. on   10.have

                  十二. 略